Flimsy Sanity: December 2007

Flimsy Sanity

In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule. - Friedrich Nietzsche

Monday, December 31, 2007

Drugged Up Military

Today, the Pentagon has admitted that they provided speed to the U.S Armed Forces during the Gulf War and are doing the same with military personnel in Afghanistan. A report called " Performance Maintenance During Continuous Flight Operations", produced by the Naval Medical Research Laboratory in Pensacola, Florida outlines the Pentagon practice of providing speed to pilots. The report "The Use of Amphetamines in U.S. Air Force Tactical Operations during Desert Shield and Storm", by Emonson DL and Vanderbeek RD outlines the use of speed during the Gulf War. A statement issued by the US Air Force Surgeon General's Office also confirmed the use of amphetamines by pilots. It said: "During contingency and combat operations, aviators are often required to perform their duties for extended periods without rest. While we have many planning and training techniques to extend our operations, prescribed drugs are sometimes made available to counter the effects of fatigue during these operations. The Pentagon, is in addition, providing "downers" after pilots binge on "uppers." In order to help the pilots sleep after a "binge" they are given a dosage of the sedative Temazepam (Restoril). These dosages of "uppers" and than "downers" have a devastating effect on the pilots judgement and overall mental health.
This perhaps explains the "paranoiac behavior" of the U.S. pilots that dropped the bombs on the Afghani Wedding Party and on the friendly Canadian troops. In April of this year (2002), four Canadian soldiers of the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry were killed and eight injured when an American pilot dropped a 500lb laser-guided bomb on their position. In addition, many other "friendly fire" incidents and unexplained crashes of numerous helicopters could be explained through the overuse of amphetamines or "speed" by the pilots and other military personnel. Abuse of "speed" causes paranoia, irritability, irrationality and unexplained violent behavior in the user.
Worst of all, it is very possible that the rash of murders of the four Army wives by returning Special Forces from Afghanistan at Fort Bragg may be explained by taking into account the damaging effects of the abuse and addiction to speed. In a "La Voz de Aztlan News Bulletin" we reported, "In a bizarre coincidence during the six week period of June 11 to July 29, four Army soldiers in North Carolina killed their wives. All of the men were assigned to Fort Bragg, N.C. Three had recently returned from Afghanistan and two of of the soldiers committed suicide after killing their spouses." This is classic behavior exhibited by desperate "speed" addicts and abusers.
Read whole article here

But amphetamines became particularly popular in World War II. Soldiers on both sides were given large amounts of amphetamines as a way of fighting fatigue and boosting morale. The British issued 72 million tablets to the armed forces. Records also show that kamikaze pilots and German panzer troops were given large doses of the drug to motivate their fighting spirit. Hitler's own medical records show that he received eight injections a day of methamphetamine, a drug known to create paranoia and unpredictable behavior when administered in large dosages.

This came from here.

Stimulants have been used to try to maintain performance during military operations. U.S. soldiers in Vietnam on reconnaissance patrols requiring long range or sustained activity were sometimes issued methylphenidate (RitalinTM) or dextroamphetamine (Jones, 1985). During the period between 1966 and 1969, the U.S. military consumed more amphetamines than the entire British and American armed forces during World War II (Mendleson, 1985).
Whole article here

Armies hopped up on drugs from article in Mental Floss restates above but also talks about Thai and Burmese Bandit Armies and West African child soldiers that are drugged up prior to fighting.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Goodbye 2007

Monday, December 24, 2007

Neocon Gold

Friday, December 21, 2007

Another Bubble

Punish the Monkey

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Strange Purchase

The Carlyle Group co-founder David Rubenstein bought a 710-year-old copy of the Magna Carta for $21.3 million. Do you suppose they wanted it so they could burn it and bring back the days of divine rights?

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Can the CIA be sued?

Sunday, December 16, 2007

The future of democracy

Why are folks laughing in this?

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Found While Stumbling

National Punctuation Day is September 24. This site tells you when to use what punctuation in a clear manner.

The true story behind Go Ask Alice the moralistic drug and sex book that teenagers are expected to read. Actually more the musings of a 53 year old Mormon than the diary of a teenaged drug junkie.

The Cost of Immigration

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Best Country to Live In

This video piece left out of Sicko praises Norway. Little wonder that Minnesota is as great as it is.

It makes sense that the natural resources below the earth as well as the air above should belong to a nation's government (that is the people) and any revenue would be used to reduce our taxes, but that is commie talk. The American dream used to be that if you worked hard you could become successful and to a small extent, that can still be true provided you are not raped, robbed, defrauded, crippled by unreasonable working conditions, etc.

Partial Common Sense lyrics by John Prine

One of these days
One of these nights
You'll take off your hat
And they'll read you
Your rights
You'll wanna get high
Every time you feel low
Hey, Queen Isabella
Stay away from that fella
He'll just get you
Into trouble, you know?

But they came here by boat
And they came here by plane
They blistered their hands
And they burned out their brain
All dreaming a dream
That'll never come true
Hey, don't give me no trouble
Or I'll call up my double
We'll play piggy-in-the-middle
With you

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Visiting Santa

I entered the fun mall through the Senior Center door and I noticed a fund raising breakfast so my friend Joe (my rummaging buddy and adopted brother) and I forked over a couple bucks. They had the most wonderful Santa talking to the kids and giving presents and posing for pictures. A real white beard, some heft, and the sweetest disposition ever. He greeted lots of the little chips (they DO look like the old blocks) with "Boy, you have really grown since last year" and the kids were just aglow except for one little black-eyed girl who was scared.

Last night I had some brilliant observations about children being brought into the world because of insanity, but today it is mostly gone, except the lingering thought that romance is truly nuts because you even think the songs are about you (that is exactly what mania feels like). I think I have romance figured out. Many people mention that old people get to looking alike; the truth is that people look similar when they marry. The way it works is that people fall in love with their own image by seeing it in the mirror every day. Self interest is the formula for success in the animal kingdom, so it is a natural thing to love yourself. When you see another person with a lot of your features, you fall in love with them too. Look at engagement pictures and then tell me I am wacko.

If people were reasonable, they would realize that the world cannot support many more people but love, lust, and sex are crazy; however kids do look so cute sitting on Santa's lap.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Bumper Sticker

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Word for the day

Locofoco \loh-kuh-FOH-koh\ noun
1 : a member of a radical group of New York Democrats
organized in 1835 in opposition to the regular party organization
*2 : a member of the Democratic party of the United States

Example sentence:
"It might be said that Roosevelt was the greatest locofoco since
Andrew Jackson." (Robert E. Sherwood, _Roosevelt and Hopkins_)

Did you know?
"Locofoco" burned brightest in 19th-cenutry America, where it
designated a new type of self-igniting match or cigar capable of being
lit by friction on a hard surface. The word is believed to combine the
adjective "locomotive" (which was commonly taken to mean
"self-propelled," though "loco" actually means "place," not "self," in Latin) and
the Italian word for "fire," "fuoco." The political meaning of "Locofoco"
is a story in itself. In 1835, a group of radical Democrats brought
locofoco matches to one of their meetings after hearing that their
adversaries were plotting to disrupt the meeting by putting out the gas
lights. The room did indeed go black but was soon relit, thus earning the
group its name.

I subscribe to Webster's word of the day and this was today's word - great idea. If you wish to subscribe, go to word@m-w.com.

Cheap Food from the World's Worst Cook

I have a couple recipes that are easy and edible, plus cheap.

Spicy Dip
Get a can of diced tomatoes with green chilies and drain them. Mom would save the juice but I don't know what to use it for. Mix in sour cream until it is about the color of pepto bismol. Great with tortilla chips.

Flavored Rice
Fry 1 cup rice and large chopped onion in a tablespoon of butter until rice turns a light brown instead of white (brown rice is better for you, but this is fast and frying it changes the flavor in a great way). Add a scant teaspoon of chicken bouillon (cubes or loose)and 2 cups water. I also have used onion dip (the dollar stuff) and the part packets from Top Ramen noodles (which is too strong for the usual recipe to my mind so I always have part packets around). A great addition is chopped left over turkey or chicken which makes a great hotdish, but I eat it just plain.

Ramen noodles excellente:
Don't add quite as much water as they say, add a teaspoon of butter, and about a half cup of frozen broccoli pieces and cook under low heat until noodles are soft. Really good, I think.

Delicious Warm Breakfast
Cook up the huge batch of old fashioned oatmeal as per directions on the back of the box. (I like the old fashioned type better than the instant because the texture is better). Cool and refrigerate as it stays good for a long time and long cooking oatmeal is a pain to make fresh every day.
Anytime you want a delicious breakfast or soothing supper, chop up an apple in bite size pieces (I use the locally grown Haralsons and leave the peel on) and sprinkle with sugar and cinammon and microwave for a minute. Top with oatmeal and then microwave for another minute. Sugar to taste. I used to add milk to oatmeal, but actually I like it better without.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


I know it is mighty close to Christmas and one shouldn't be pouting, but Amazon feedback sucks. In the last year, I sold 345 books and only 71 left feedback. I refunded one gal cause I was hospitalized and she gave me a negative. Another guy gave me a negative cause he said he never received the book but I had delivery confirmation that he did. Another was mad that the book was not new when I clearly marked it as a library book. I assume 250 or so were pleased but I don't harass them for feedback so I only have a 87% positive rating. Another even thought the book would be more interesting so gave a low rating. It just seems so unfair but I suppose the fault is mine for not soliciting compliments.

Monday, December 03, 2007


Sunday, December 02, 2007

Oh what a beautiful morning

First snow and wind so there were gentle drifts, then icing on top.

A photographer I am not - this was taken about 5 Sunday morning - the nicest time of the day on the nicest day of the week - and I'm a heathen but I like the pace of Sunday mornings.

Saturday, December 01, 2007


My mom is the queen of recycling. If someone throws out a couch, she dismantles it and burns the wood in the heater and bugs people to see if they need springs. Everyone who has stuff "too good to throw" gives it to her. When I lived there for a spell, I kept them warm burning cast away polyester dresses for most of the winter. Just a hint, over packing them in a fire creates a small explosion.

Anyway, my dear readers, how old is your recycle travel mug? Here's mine:

I am not as gentle to the earth as I should be or even sentimental about things, so it is odd that I kept something for 9 years, and a recycle mug at that.

Putting the cap on the chimney

If in doubt, get the biggest tool you can afford. Unfortunately, I dropped one of the clamps down the chimney and didn't tighten the others properly so the cap isn't straight. I did caulk cracks and spray a conditioner on plus smear some tar stuff up there that now has all the leaves stuck to it. I just can tell I am going to have to save up to rent this again


I think there is only one way to survive a bully. You have to make him or her laugh. The kings were always shouting "Off With Their Heads" but the jesters got by with saying outrageaous things.

Laughter is a gift you give to your friends, but it may also be your only defense against your enemies. My charming brother has never been in a fight in his life because he can make people laugh usually. There was one time of tears but as he says now, "There is a reason divorces are so expensive... because they are worth it."

I remember when he was a teen and driving around drinking with his friend (Highly not recommended and before MADD), the cops lights went on behind him and he told his friend to throw the beer in the cubbyhole. The cop came up to the window and said, "you got any beer in here?"

My brother said, "No, Sir". (Smart to grovel)

Cop looking around in car says, "Open the glovebox"

Brother's friend says "No Sir" (irritates cop)

Brother says, "Oh open it" and the beers roll out.

Cop: "I thought you said you didn't have any beer in the car."

Brother: "Well what would you do if you were in my shoes?"

Got a laugh, but also a deserved ticket.