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Monday, March 12, 2012

Legal Recourse

Mother Jones - May June 2009, p. 64
In 1979 as Georgia dairyman named Andy McElmurray started applying locally produced sludge fertilizer to his fields. Over the next several years, nearly hyalf his 700 cows died from severe diarrhea. The EPA didn't test his soil, but McElmurray hired his own experts, who concluded that his sludge contained high levels of thallium. A toxic metal that is the active ingredient in rat poison, thallium rarely turns up in sewage, but it was used as a catalyst by a nearly Nutra Sweet factory. When Elmurray's experts sampled a local milk brand, they detected thallium at levels more than 11 times above the legal limit for d4rinking water. McElmurry sued the federal government for disaster relief, claiming sludge had destroyed his farm He finally won the case last year.

This disaster relief took 28 years while many areas of Texas were immediately declared disaster areas where the pieces of the Challenger fell to earth. As Linda Ellerbee used to say "so it goes."


  • At 7:11 PM, Anonymous R J Adams said…

    Good to see your still writing occasionally, Flimsy. I always keep you on my reader, just in case. Nice to know food factories are using rat poison to process what we eat, and at levels capable of killing over 300 cows! Thankfully, I won't touch artificial sweeteners with a barge pole, but it makes one wonder where else such substances are in common usage.

  • At 7:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi Bob,

    I always wondered if there was a relationship between the intro of NutriSweet and the rise in autism. Pregnant women nearly always are dieting.

    Diane (FS)


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