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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Independence Day Parade

Our town had a July 3 parade and one entry was a Hummer pulling a sign saying “Illegal immigrants cost jobs, hospitals and courts.” The parade entry came from the Minnesota Coalition for Immigration Reduction and some kids threw rocks at it, unfortunately hitting an old woman across the street.

Albert Lea resident Paul Westrum, founder of the Minnesota Coalition for Immigration Reduction, said the throwing of rocks shows the degradation of society. “What happened was unfortunate.”

He said his group hasn’t learned who the children were.

“More than likely they were here illegally, and we were surprised they could read the sign,” Westrum said. “It’s unfortunate if you can’t state your opinion and free speech, what can be done?”

He said his entry should be allowed again in next year’s parade even if it doesn’t fit the theme.

“What about fire trucks? Do they fit the parade theme?” he asked.

Westrum said he is a afraid the Minnesota Coalition for Immigration Reduction will be singled out and he mentioned possibly going to court if the group isn’t allowed an entry in the 2009 parade

Newspaper account here. I thought only the square states were dumb - guess this proves the video is wrong about that and right about Hummer drivers.


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