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In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule. - Friedrich Nietzsche

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Spineless vs Evil

The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing. - Albert Einstein


  • At 8:04 AM, Anonymous michael greenwell said…

    that is quite funny.

  • At 6:59 PM, Anonymous CV Rick said…

    I just hate that moniker - cowardly, spineless, etc.

    I'm a liberal. I'm proud to be liberal. I'm a strong man, pouring testosterone . . . I've played sports: basketball, football, wrestling, baseball, track - some of them quite well. I've seen military action, I've seen violence on the streets of our nation.

    No one would call me weak, cowardly, or spineless to my face.

    Yet, these labels stick . . .

    Why? I ask.

    Arguably our most liberal president ever was Harry S. Truman. He championed universal health care in the 40's. He strengthened unions, cared about the underprivileged, and created the G.I. Bill which was in large part responsible for creating a middle class. Yet, he was a combat veteran who was ordered two atomic bomb drops and took responsibility by admitting that it wasn't a military decision, but a political one - one that he made - because killing women and children intentionally is political. Was he weak, or soft, or cowardly?
    Was JFK weak, soft, or cowardly?
    Martin Luther King?

    I've rambled enough on your blog. But give me one conservative willing to call me a coward, or spineless to my face, and I'll give you back a toothless apologist.

  • At 5:08 AM, Blogger Flimsy Sanity said…

    Too bad you are not in Congress, CV. What kind of bullshit is it to increase the minimum wage after a couple years when it is a campaign promise, or vote to keep funding the war, or run a hawk like Hillary, or not contest crooked elections and demand total recounts or propose health care plans that are insurance-free-for- alls? Where are the Trumans, or Martin Luther Kings now?

    I'm a liberal too but the democratic party leadership is not. Bill Clinton initiated more conservative ideas than liberal ones.

  • At 2:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    It has come to my attention that there is a new breed of men that consider themselves beyond the range of good and evil; these people live instead by what is expedient and effective and they consider anything else, especially what is caused by human concern and caring, to be weak.

    These social Darwinists have convinced themselves, through an extremely closed circle of reasoning, that those who exhibit this weakness will die off, and only the strong and ruthless will survive to become the handful of rich who alone are fit to govern the earth's resources. The rest of us are dross, insignificant underdeveloped humanoids that are better off extinct, for the progressment of humanity. Their humanity.

    Some of these 'environmental rangers' have religious rationalizations to excuse their thinking; some rely on the one-sided logic of various forms of science divorced from emotion; but none of them are convinced by the cooperative examples of nature itself, although they claim to use nature as a precept, or by the qualms of conscience, which is seen as a leftover of naive childhood, to be overcome in order to be successful.

    The danger of these men is that they believe that they can operate with infinate powers within an open system of all potential, when in fact they live in the same small box as the rest of us, and are bound in the same way by the physical rules of that box.

    To have such loose cannons set free in our tiny corner of the universe is to pretty well ensure the extinction of our species and the extinction of anything else extant with us.

    It's really not a matter of just voting anymore.

    Sorry for the long post.

    anan again

  • At 5:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I see you are a fellow Nader supporter and are also fed up with the Democrats. Thought you might like this:This anger is the anger of the betrayed. But they were not betrayed by Nader. They betrayed themselves. They allowed themselves to buy into the facile argument of “the least worse” and ignore the deeper, subterranean assault on our democracy that Nader has always addressed.
    It was an incompetent, corporatized Democratic Party, along with the orchestrated fraud by the Republican Party, that threw the 2000 election to Bush, not Ralph Nader. Nader received only 2.7 percent of the vote in 2000 and got less than one-half of 1 percent in 2004. All of the third-party candidates who ran in 2000 in Florida—there were about half a dozen of them—got more votes than the 537-vote difference between Bush and Gore. Why not go after the other third-party candidates? And what about the 10 million Democrats who voted in 2000 for Bush? What about Gore, whose campaign was so timid and empty—he never mentioned global warming—that he could not carry his home state of Tennessee? And what about the 2004 cartoon-like candidate, John Kerry, who got up like a Boy Scout and told us he was reporting for duty and would bring us “victory” in Iraq?
    Nader argues that there are few—he never said no—differences between the Democrats and the Republicans. And during the first four years of the Bush administration the Democrats proved him right. They authorized the war in Iraq. They stood by as Bush stacked the judiciary with “Christian” ideologues. They let Bush, in violation of the Constitution, pump hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars into faith-based organizations that discriminate based on belief and sexual orientation and openly proselytize. They stood by as American children got fleeced by No Child Left Behind. Democrats did not protest when federal agencies began to propagate “Christian” pseudo-science about creationism, reproductive rights and homosexuality. And the Democrats let Bush further dismantle regulatory agencies, strip American citizens of constitutional rights under the Patriot Act and other draconian legislation, and thrust impoverished Americans aside through the corporate-sponsored bankruptcy bill. It is a stunning record.
    These corporations, and their enraged and manipulated followers in the Christian right, tens of millions of them, if left unchecked will propel us into despotism. The corporate state has rigged our system, hollowed out our political process and steadily stripped citizens of constitutional rights, federal and state protection and assistance. This may be the twilight of American democracy. And it is better to stand up and fight, even in vain, than not to fight at all.

    Pariah or Prophet by Chris Hedges


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