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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Bill Moyers and Jeremy Scahill

In case you missed Bill Moyer's last journal program, in which he interviewed Jeremy Scahill who wrote the book on Blackwater, PLEASE watch it. He talks about how the mercenaries endanger our troops and how their pay and treatment demoralizes our troops. Even more disgusting is how they subvert democracy. Here are just a few snippets:

Well, I think we're in the midst of the most radical privatization agenda in our nation's history. We of course see it in schools. We see it in the health care system, in prisons. And now, we're seeing it full blown in the war machine. What I ultimately see as the real threat here is that the system of the very existence of the nation state I think is at stake here. Because you have companies now that have been funded with billions of dollars in public money using that money to then build up the infrastructure of private armies some of which could take out a small national military. And the old model used to be if a company wants to go into Nigeria for instance and exploit oil, they have to work with the juntas forces in order to do that. Now, you can just bring in your own private military force.

I think it's really scary. I mean, I think that the U.S. government right now is in the midst of its most radical privatization agenda. Seventy percent of the national intelligence budget is farmed out to the private sector. We have more contractors than soldiers occupying Iraq. I think that what this does is it takes-- it sanitizes it also for the American people. There's not a draft.

You know, the Pentagon can't give campaign contributions. The State Department can't give campaign contributions. Blackwater's executives can give contributions. DynCore's, Ratheon, Northrop Grumman. And so what they're doing is, they're taking billions of dollars. And it's making its way back into the campaign coffers of the very politicians that make the meteoric ascent of these companies possible. I really view this through the lens of it tearing away at the fabric of American democracy as well.


  • At 2:49 PM, Anonymous RJ Adams said…

    Saw it. Sadly most people wouldn't bother with such 'highbrow' programs. It was an excellent interview. I doubt Fox News will offer Scahill an invitation.


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