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Monday, April 30, 2007

Jon Stewart interviewed by Bill Moyers

(Talking about Gonzalez testimony)JON STEWART: And by the way, that was all just — that was a game, and he knew it, and the guys on the committee knew it. And for the President to come out after that and say, "Everything I saw there gave me more confidence in him," that solidified my notion that, "Oh, it's because what he expected of Gonzalez was" it's sort of like, do you remember in GOODFELLAS? When Henry Hill got arrested for the first time and Robert DeNiro met him at the courthouse and Henry Hill was really upset, 'cause he thought Robert DeNiro would be really mad at him. And DeNiro comes up to him and he gives him a $100 and he goes, "You got pinched. We all get pinched, but you did it right, you didn't say nothing."
BILL MOYERS: Gonzales said nothing.
JON STEWART: Right. And "you went up there and said nothing. You gave them no legal recourse against you, and you made yourself a smart man, a self-made man look like an utter pinhead on national television, and you did it for me."
BILL MOYERS: How do you explain that the Washington press corps, by and large, particularly the Sunday shows join the game with them? I mean, you watch those shows
JON STEWART: They don't all, I mean...
BILL MOYERS: No, not all of them do, but there's a kind of wink-wink questioning going on there. You know, I'll ask the devil's advocate...
JON STEWART: Well, it's because it's the Harlem Globetrotters playing the Washington Generals. It's they're the only teams playing, and they know they've got to play each other every week, and they all have sort of assumed their role. And, I mean, at this point, the government is just you know, blowing the doors off the media. And not everywhere, and I think, this is where you know, a lot of those blog reporters and all of those things are bringing a lot of urgency and a lot of momentum to stories that wouldn't normally carry any momentum.
Watch the whole interview here. What could be better than having these two in the same room?


  • At 6:36 AM, Blogger Omnipotent Poobah said…

    I love Jon, but it's a sad state of affairs when a comedian is one of the prime sources of accountability.

  • At 7:22 AM, Blogger Women on the Verge said…

    I'll second that!!

    Thanks so much for posting the link-- I don't know what will be my fave moment this week... watching that interview, or watching the Repugs self-destruct in their debate...
    I have my own theory as to why Dub stands by his man... come on over and take a peep...


  • At 7:50 AM, Blogger Bart said…

    I love that Globetrotters/Generals comparison. That's pretty spot-on.

  • At 1:04 PM, Blogger Peacechick Mary said…

    As for the sad state of affairs, we had Will Rogers who did much the same thing as Jon Stewart. I loved this interview. Two good people who we can rely upon and I am grateful for that. Thanks for the Link, Flimsy.


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