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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Bee News

Using bees for bomb detection: I saw a program about how bees could be used for bomb detection. They are strapped to a block and exposed to the smell of bomb components and then given sugar water. After repeated exposures, they will stick their tongues out when they smell the right smell. I bet people will break down doors to get the job of looking through a magnifying glass at bee tongues all day. The lifespans of bees is pretty short compared to that of a dog. While a dog can travel from item to item, the bee has to have the suspected luggage (or whatever) brought to it. How many different bomb materials exist anyway and will they have to be passed by a committee of bees?

Also in the news is the loss of bee populations that is stumping researchers. How will we get our illicit drug supplies if the beekeepers go out of business?


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