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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

I Hate Bosses

Bosses are bullies and should be avoided but a good manager can make the most disgusting work a pleasure and organize it for the optimum ease. I have always felt that life was too short to stop learning to I quit jobs when then became tedious. Out of I suppose 20-30 employments, I have met only 3 administrators to admire.

Ann Eichinger ran the film library at the State Library in Pierre, S.D. She refused bribes from the film salesmen (this was when they came in reels and were sent to schools throughout the state), kept the films scheduled and repaired and was exceedingly kind and just with her staff. I worked in a different department but I admired her skill and always wished I had her for a sister.

The other two were small business owners who hired because they could not complete the work themselves. They were interested in any ideas you might have that might make the work go smoother. They were Jake and Alan Haider in my home town of Belfield, N.D. and Cliff Thomas in Cottonwood, California who could make a rock laugh.

The ideal job, it goes without saying, is to work for yourself where time flies and money doesn't matter.


  • At 7:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Cliff used to say about one competitor, "I could write what he knows about beekeeping on my eyeball with a railroad spike." Flimsy Sanity


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