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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Extreme Work

This is one of the two pictures I have on my wall because it is so interesting that these guys can be so casual while so close to danger. To me, extreme sports is expensive and rather tame. If you want to endanger your life, get a job. Night clerking at a 7-ll in a poor section of town might just get that adrenalin pumping and they will even pay you to thrill-seek.

Although highway accidents were the leading manner of death for male workers, homicide was the leading cause for female workers, accounting for 35 percent of their fatal work injuries.
Falls accounted for 10 percent of fatal work injuries. The construction industry, particularly special trade contractors such as roofing, painting and structural steel erection, accounted for almost half the falls. One-fifth of the falls were from or through roofs; falls from scaffolding and from ladders each accounted for about one-eighth. Nine percent of fatally injured workers were struck by various objects, a fourth of which were falling trees, tree limbs and logs. Other objects that struck workers included machines and vehicles slipping into gear or falling onto workers, and various building materials such as pipes, beams, metal plates and lumber. Electrocutions accounted for 5 percent of the worker deaths in a one-year span.
Occupations with large numbers of worker fatalities included truck drivers, farm workers, sales supervisors and proprietors, and construction laborers. Industry divisions with large numbers of fatalities included agriculture, forestry, fishing, construction, transportation and public utilities, and mining
More here. Oh yeah, he goes into joining the armed services too. I bet mine sweeping WOULD be exciting.

ps. If you like the picture, Carp Diem has a good entry on it. He or she points out that the guy on the end is holding a liquor flask - now that IS "pushing the envelope".


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