Flimsy Sanity: Sick and tired of re-fighting Vietnam War

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Sick and tired of re-fighting Vietnam War

Joe Bageant: Sick and tired of re-fighting Vietnam War

Dear Joe,
Here's one of the reasons I'm voting for (in fact, already voted for) Obama: he is untainted by the Vietnam War.

McCain is a very dangerous man because he is so hungry to win a war, that is, to win Vietnam. I even heard him say in one of the so-called debates, "I know how to win a war." Oh, yeah? Not much evidence of that particular competence, but lots of evidence of a deep desire -- let's say, acute obsession.

I am sick and tired of re-fighting Vietnam and re-fighting the '60s. In 2004, Kerry made a tactical mistake by trying to cast himself as a Vietnam war hero, but not as the hero he was for his opposition to it. Then he got slimed by the old soldiers who were still pissed at him for that opposition. Today, McCain and Palin are trying to get mileage out of the Bill Ayers/SDS story -- but guess what? Nobody under 50 gives a damn! And they are right. It's time GET OVER IT.

I'm 61, so the 1960s is "my time." I'm not a bit sorry I opposed the war, broke a few social rules, and opted for a simpler life. Back in 1992, I had high hopes for Bill Clinton because he was of "my generation." I actually thought he would represent a turn-around toward some of the counter-culture values -- peaceful, creative, anti-materialistic, pro-human. Can you believe a grown woman could be so naive?

Well, I'm not so naive now as to believe that Obama is anything but a competent politician (thankfully, an intelligent one). But at least he isn't weighed down by the stinking leftovers of the military and social battles of 40 years ago. I am very much hoping that people younger than I am will determine this election -- and that's as it should be.

With modest hopes, but not succumbing to the "disease of optimism,"



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