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In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule. - Friedrich Nietzsche

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Lesser of Two Evils

Whenever you bring up Nader's name among Democrats you always get the crap about how he took votes from Gore and that is why we are in two, going on three (or more) wars and on the brink of economic collapse. How naive can one be? It is just more of the "kiss up, kick down, find a little someone (preferably a woman) to fall on the sword" absolution theory that works so well. It is why Lyndy England, Susan McDougal, Janis Karpinski have name recognition.

Politicians always use sports terms, and it IS all a game. Take abortion for example. This is an issue that is guaranteed to bring voters to the polls because they think that something so horrible and clearcut as murdering babies needs to be stopped. For awhile, republicans had control of the three branches of government and it would have been easy for them to make abortion illegal for this group of supporters, but they did not. It is a valuable, reliable vote-getting tool and they did not want to discard it. Same with the democrats and their feigned concern for working people. They initiate a minimum wage law that won't take effect for years in a time of rapid inflation. How bold a move unlike impeachment for an insane administration because that would mean the reduction of powers that soon might be theirs, theirs, theirs! Remember it was a democratic administration that threw the social security fund in with the general fund. It is the democrats who engage us in the most wars.

Republicans seem to act and then the second team democrats react. I hate sports but even I know that is called offense and defense. McCain's website had a counter counting how long it has been since Obama visited Baghdad, so Obama makes the trip. McCain says Obama is over-exposed so Barack goes on vacation in the middle of a campaign. All democrats try to show that they are hawkish so that they won't appear weak even though polls show the country is overwhelmingly anti-war and an obvious winning voting issue. David Brooks had an essay on how the Asian mentality is hive like and Americans are individualistic. More yellow peril crap and some social scientist (check Metafilter a couple days ago) called him on all the references he misinterpreted but you have to admit a hive mentality gets things done. What is more hive like (and less individualistic) than the military (the darling of the lawn order republicans) or how the republicans support McCain (who many hate). So maybe the Republicans are more evil just because they are more focused and accomplish evil at a faster pace.

Diagnosing evil levels is difficult so it is a good thing we have Hitler. Killing rich people is the crown jewel of "evil". We don't usually mention the mentally ill, homosexuals, gypsies, Communists, or the Jehovah Witnesses that the Germans exterminated also. That is the way we all operate when we judge evil - by the victim's economic class. 9-11 was so horrific because it was stock brokers, not sheepherders. The Titanic was so heartbreaking because it was the failure of a LUXURY ship not a slave trader's boat. Hitler is judged worse than King Leopold. 6 million jews tops 8 million niggers.

America doesn't have a vast history of goodness, in fact if it wasn't for Hitler we wouldn't have anything to brag about. We have our own indigenous people holocaust, slavery, the atomic bomb on Japan, nearly continuous wars, and I fear a coming Mexican immigrants killing/imprisonment when our economy fails and the anger of the poverty stricken white trash is directed against an even poorer class who won't matter when we tally up "evil". I think it was Linda Ellerbee that used to sign off with "so it goes".

I am not so stupid to believe that someone like Nader could make much of a dent in so corrupt a system but I think he is not evil and he would probably write his own speeches. Of course he won't win, but that is precisely why he is free to tell some truth rather than pandering. The news media will not cover him, but he has a site that all can read and anyone still listening to mainstream media is a drone anyway. I am so thankful he is in the race so that I can have a protest vote counted provided of course the media mentions the "also rans" independents.


  • At 8:03 PM, Anonymous R J Adams said…

    I made my frequent mistake of reading two of your posts and then commenting on both together. For my views on this one - see my comment on your previous posting.
    Sheeesh! I get carried away.


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