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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Blog Hopping

Found this interesting comment on Juan Cole's comment section.
What our Democrat friends are trying to do is this. They want to put a troop withdrawal process in legislation that runs from March 2008 to Aug 2008. The Dems know perfectly well that the Bush White House will ignore these constraints. The plan is to use their failure as a political billy club against the Right wing going into the Nov 20008 national elections:both congressional and presidential.

This is not a completely stupid idea, just a mostly stupid idea. Why? Because we are more than likely to be embroiled with warfare against Iran. Checkmate against the Democrats. -- Joe


  • At 4:02 PM, Blogger Not Your Mama said…

    I don't totally disagree with that comment. A continued war in Iraq is a huge political billy club.

    To be fair though: they have tried, in fact bent over backwards trying, to get a bill passed even when that has meant giving in on other bones of contention.

    They simply cannot force enough rethugs to vote with them so what else can they do?


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