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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The 48 Laws of Power

This book is five years old and still selling strong - 222 on Amazon. It makes one worry. Don't waste your money on the book. A brief synopsis is here. For example:
Law 7

Get others to do the Work for you, but Always Take the Credit Use the wisdom, knowledge, and legwork of other people to further your own cause. Not only will such assistance save you valuable time and energy, it will give you a godlike aura of efficiency and speed. In the end your helpers will be forgotten and you will be remembered. Never do yourself what others can do for you.


  • At 2:14 PM, Blogger Shephard said…

    A best seller. That would explain a lot today, wouldn't it. ~S

  • At 5:32 PM, Blogger RJ Adams said…

    Otherwise known as "48 Ways to Trample Over Everyone and Knife Them in the Back to Achieve Your Goals" - but, I suppose that was too long to fit on the book spine.

  • At 5:45 PM, Blogger RJ Adams said…

    PS: I note the author has written a second book entitled "The Art of Seduction". Both are published by Penguin. How sad that a company once rated as a good publisher should sink to such trash. Mind, Penguin has gone through so many different CEO's in the last few years I don't think they know anymore which way they're going - except downhill.


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